A storybook perfect for bedtime reading with colouring-in activities.

Rainforest's Got Talent Story & Colouring-In book

  • Rainforest's Got Talent is a funny children's story. The stars, Terry the orangutan and Jerry the gorilla, the juggling duo, have reached the final of the rainforest’s talent show. Will their winning streak continue or will naughty Monty beat them all … A storybook perfect for bedtime reading, with colouring-in activity section.

    Archie, age 9, decided to write a story and sell his book to raise money to help orangutans. Archie’s passion for the rainforests and its inhabitants began after learning at school about deforestation for palm oil and the destructive impact on the wildlife leaving orangutans endangered. So talented volunteers helped to make Archie’s book “Rainforest’s Got Talent” become a reality and every penny made from the sale of his book goes towards helping orangutans.